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  • CondenseSpot Plus

    3.744,47 kr. ekskl. moms

    Infrared thermometer for thermal bridges and condensation. 8-point laser ring measuring exactly the required area. Condensation localization in thermal bridge and dew point mode. Measuring range -40 ° C … 365 ° C. Emission ratio 0.01-1.0. Color notification function using colors on the display. Quick selection of 5 default emission values. Bar graph as an…

  • SmartCross-Laser

    1.246,98 kr. ekskl. moms

    Automatic cross laser with additional tilt function. 5 ° self-leveling range, accuracy 5 mm / 10 m. The Tilt function allows you to lock the pendulum system to tilt the device and release the beams at any angle. Out-Of-Level: is an indication by optical signals when the unit is out of the self-leveling range. Simple,…

  • FibreFlexCamera G3 Micro (1,5 m)

    5.296,85 kr. ekskl. moms

    Universal micro camera with a very small head and a flexible cable. Powerful lighting thanks to 2 high-power LEDs. Camera head diameter 6 mm, aiming range 5 cm, IP 68, cable length 1.5 m. Only for VideoFlex G2.

  • Termosensorspids 082.035.2

    1.901,44 kr. ekskl. moms

    K-type temperature sensor for measuring air and gas temperature. Heat resistant handle. Temperature sensor protected by a metal cover (dia. 6.5mm). Sensor length: 165mm. Measuring range: -50 ° C… 800 ° C, accuracy class 2. Only for ThermoMaster and ThermoSpot Vision.

  • DampExtension Sæt 082.026A

    5.478,71 kr. ekskl. moms

    Depth electrodes and adjustable cable set. Depth electrodes for a wide range of applications. Connection via external connecting cable. 2 x non-insulated metal electrodes: for measuring the moisture of building and insulating materials. 2 x insulated metal electrodes: for measuring the humidity of multilayer walls or ceiling structures. 2 x insulated flat electrodes: for measuring…

  • FlexCamera 2m uni focus 25cm

    6.222,99 kr. ekskl. moms

    Univerzální hlava kamery nabízí pevné ohnisko ve vzdálenosti 25cm. Vhodný pro použití na kratší i delší vzdálenosti. Hlava kamery: průměr 17 mm.

  • Vinkelbeslag 5/8″ !OBJ!

    4.350,27 kr. ekskl. moms

    Professional construction with angular scale. Suitable for all laser devices.

  • Aluminiumstativ 170 cm

    3.457,64 kr. ekskl. moms

    Adapter with 5/8 “thread, version for high stress, quick release / locking, tough steel feet, steel chains, milled bearing part for mounting the device, hook for hanging the plumb line, transport belt. Not intended for ACL 2C RX, ACL 2P RX, ACL 4P RX, PBL, PCL.

  • Krankstativ 160 cm

    5.949,70 kr. ekskl. moms

    Adapter with 5/8 “thread, high stress version with crank lift, quick release / locking, round spirit level, tough steel feet, steel chains, hook for hanging a plumb line, transport belt.

  • CompactCross-Laser Plus

    2.829,76 kr. ekskl. moms
  • Magnetisk målplade 023.61A

    827,22 kr. ekskl. moms

    For all rotary lasers and laser tools. With adhesive magnets, clamping holder and double scale, for all types of red lasers. E.g. when lowering ceilings, can be used with Flexi battens.